Cécile Gachet

Post-doctoral fellow in algebraic geometry

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Current and upcoming activities

I am currently active in punctual outreach activities in middle and high schools in the region of Nice. Together with Chloé Dubas, Emilie Lavenu and Marc Monticelli, we presented fractals at a middle school in le quartier de l'Ariane in Nice on June 1st.

I'm also working with Marc Monticelli on producing flipbooks illustrating folklore isotopies in algebraic topology.

Upcoming is la Fête de la Science in Nice in the fall. Stay tuned!

Past activities

In the past I've been active, mostly as a jury, in mathematical tournaments for high school students such as 𝕋𝔽𝕁𝕄2 and ITYM. These tournaments are held over periods of months and feature open problems, to which partial answers can be obtained by elementary methods, but whose complete solutions are unknown.

I also have organized mathematical weekends geared at high school girls, the so-called RJMI, with Martin Andler, Eva Philippe and Véronique Slovacek-Chauveau in 2016 and with Elsa Masson, Eva Philippe and Arthur Touati in 2017 in Paris. We also organized an online RJMI in 2020 with Indira Chatterji.